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FREEDIVE FLOW is dedicated to everyone who wants to learn and improve to be under water on a breath hold – freediving is the way to discover your forgotten aquatic nature. As much as freediving is all about being at peace with yourself it is also about being at peace with your environment. Freediving can be about performance, but much more so it’s about learning, enjoying and getting to know yourself.

FREEDIVE FLOW – Wir betreiben Apnoe in Bali auch auf Deutsch!

FREEDIVE FLOW – on fait aussi des cours en Français!

AIDA Freedive Program

AIDA-LogoA-Claim-pos-CMYKYou want to learn freediving and get to know it in all its ways? AIDA is the international association for the development of freediving that also oversees championships and world record attempts. With its educational program AIDA both creates and applies standards of best practice.

Freediving is all about discovering nature in the open water and finding yourself while doing so. AIDA courses add to that by introducing you to freediving in confined waters where you can dive not to depth but to distance (which is called „dynamic“) or hold your breath while relaxing (“static”). Through that – and other topics – you learn how to train yourself to become more relaxed, improve your technique and, step by step, become a better freediver.

Learning in a safe and secure environment

The courses are held in small groups of maximum 4 students per instructor in open water sessions. Your diving will be taped on HD-video, so you will be able to analyze your dives together with your instructor. Additionally, our video team is happy to create your personal HD-video of your freedive course upon your request (extra fees apply).

Freediving in Amed & Tulamben

FREEDIVE FLOW has the complete palette of the freedive world available for you: You can also book your freedive course or coached session for Amed or Tulamben in the north-east of Bali. These courses follow the curriculum of either Apnea Total or SSI. The latter is compatible with AIDA which makes it easy for you to cross-over from one organization to the other.

Also available are long-term stays of one month or more for daily training. Be in touch with us for your personal offer!

Visit the pricing page for the current rates.

Breath-Hold Workshops for Surfers


Follow this link for more information on these workshops where you learn how to train specifically as a surfer. Wipe-outs and hold downs are feared for good reasons, but sometimes for the wrong ones. This workshop helps to reduce these fears by giving you a lot of knowledge about what happens when you are forced into a breath hold, and how you can train for this situation.

Freedive Instructors

Oli Christen - AIDA Master Instructor

Oli Christen
AIDA Master Instructor
(c) by Saki Ono

A few words from Oli Christen, founder of FREEDIVE FLOW

I was born in 1973 in Bern, Switzerland. A few years later I started to destroy my locomotor system with an indoor sport called handball. In the same time I graduated in psychology and business administration and started the usual hamster wheel career. But guess what, despite the long working days and the pride of being constantly busy it was not enough, there was always something missing.

Time for a break. I went traveling, worked as a photographer, engaged in music – and learned to freedive. Since that moment it’s no more doing a million things in parallel, one is enough: Follow the leitmotif of a freedivers life. I became an AIDA Freedive Instructor in 2011 and moved permanently to Bali, where I set up this little thing called FREEDIVE FLOW.

My goal is to introduce freediving to everyone as a safe, relaxing and the most direct way to interact with underwater nature. Enjoy exploring the website and please contact me if you have any questions, I’m looking forward to be in touch!

Oli Christen
AIDA Master Instructor
RYT 200 Yoga Instructor
Lic. Phil. Hist. Psychologist of Work and Organization


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